Harvest seeks to help women see and understand that the power for real living comes from knowing the truth – about ourselves, about God Himself and about the enemy and his lies. Upon this foundation, prayer, study and fellowship become the conduit of God’s power, blessing and grace, and our faith then becomes ‘real’ as our hearts truly, fully connect with His, one-on-one. 

Annual Christmas Brunch

Women’s Ministry invites you to celebrate the Season at our Annual   Christmas Brunch, Saturday, December 14th at 10:00 am. This yearly celebration is a wonderful time to invite women of all ages to come together for an incredible morning of food, music, and fellowship. We are pleased to announce that our speaker this year is the delightfully warm and honest, Alicia Rigamonti.  Tickets are on sale today for $15. You can reserve your spot both online at our website HERE or in person at the Women’s Ministry Kiosk in the Atrium.  For more information, contact Sandy Burgess.

Widow's Ministry

The purpose of the widow's group is to provide spiritual and emotional support to women who have lost a husband.  Let's look beyond "the incident" to how life should look now, led by God's Word.  Let all of our experiences and the Word of God help you find what God desires next for you in this season of life!  Whether you are a recent widow, or if it's been awhile, all are welcome.  

If you are interested in this group, please contact  Roli Ayers or Sandy Burgess.