Harvest seeks to help women see and understand that the power for real living comes from knowing the truth – about ourselves, about God Himself and about the enemy and his lies. Upon this foundation, prayer, study and fellowship become the conduit of God’s power, blessing and grace, and our faith then becomes ‘real’ as our hearts truly, fully connect with His, one-on-one. 

Women's Ministry Fall Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th                  9 week study


In our lives, we use many ways to describe ourselves and others. Ask someone to describe someone else and you might get answers like – “she is Carrie’s mother,” “she is an accountant,” “She’s a marathon runner,” “She is an amazing baker.” Our answers highlight what we know to be true about the person we are describing.  In our time together, we will explore the toughest questions Jesus asked his disciples and His revolutionary answers – His I AM statements. These statements are the highlights of what is true about who Jesus is – the facts about Him that provide a firm foundation for us to build a life of faith upon. As we encounter Jesus and His words, we will hear His promise to each one of us for a life that is truly transformed by His presence. Sing up at the Women's Kiosk this Sunday!


Register for Women's Retreat

Register NOW for the Annual Women's Retreat November 1-3, 2019. All current registrations will be carried over to the new date. To register click HERE. Prices are the same as last year and we will be traveling again to the beautiful Aldersgate Camp Retreat Center in Turner, Oregon. Join us in having fun, worshiping God and learning more as we search together through Scripture for practical principles and everlasting promises that will rekindle your hope and set your feet on a firm foundation. More information is available at the Women's Kiosk on Sundays.For any registration questions please call the office at 503-629-8300

Widow's Ministry

The purpose of the widow's group is to provide spiritual and emotional support to women who have lost a husband.  Let's look beyond "the incident" to how life should look now, led by God's Word.  Let all of our experiences and the Word of God help you find what God desires next for you in this season of life!  Whether you are a recent widow, or if it's been awhile, all are welcome.  

If you are interested in this group, please contact  Roli Ayers or Sandy Burgess.