Our Mission

The Refuge is the youth ministry of Harvest Community Church that exists to glorify God by learning together to live like Jesus to reach our world. 

As a youth ministry, we purposefully operate under the same mission as the rest of Harvest.  We protect the youth ministry from becoming it’s own entity or from becoming its own church within a church as it is best for the life of our church; as well as,  for the discipleship of our students.  How we accomplish the mission  will be unique to the youth ministry as we strive to disciple students.

the Refuge Vision

The Refuge exists to walk with students and their families as they begin the process of owning their faith through knowing great doctrine, knowing their identity in Christ, and knowing their value in the kingdom of God. 

God is calling every disciple of His to be a leader as He calls us through the great commission to be disciples and to make disciples.  This is why, in everything we do, we lead our students purposefully to know God, know themselves, and know their value.  We to have one  weekly gathering that help us accomplish our vision, as well as, annual events.  Check out these purposeful gatherings in the tabs below.

It is part of our vision to walk with both students and their families because parents are the greatest influences in their student’s life. The ultimate question is, how are you influencing them? You are leading them somewhere, which direction are you leading them?

Fortunately many of our parents follow Jesus and have a strong desire to have their students do the same. The question we continually ask is how can we best partner together to disciple students? No discipleship happens accidently. It must be intentional. One of our goals as a ministry this year is to take a step in in the right direction by first, informing parents of what we are teaching on a weekly basis and second, give you some advice on how you can best instill these biblical truths.