Away in a Manager - A Christmas Musical

Join us this weekend  for a wonderful Christmas musical about Christ's birth that will be performed December 15th at 7:00 pm; December 16th at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. 

This is a free event! 

For more information, please contact Sandy Burgess.  

Christmas Service 10:00 am

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7:00 pm

Advent Conspiracy

This Advent season we have a unique opportunity to think about the Christmas season with an eye towards giving more. We are consistently reminded about ways to spend more money during the season. How often do we get reminders to give more of our time, thoughtfulness, and creativity to those we love? What could happen if we approached this season differently? What if we not only celebrated our normal family Christmas traditions but also engaged our family differently. Instead of making all the normal purchases of things that may soon be forgotten, we could give more of our thoughtfulness and creativity that bring families closer together. This could give us financial freedom to help people in need this Christmas season through our green envelope giving. The money we save to give to those in need

will be equally distributed to accomplish three projects that will change people’s lives.

Last year we raised $18,000 for projects that improved the lives of people in great need. We have set our goal the same as last year, $5000 for each project.  Below are descriptions of each of the projects we’re giving to this year. The total amount of funds given using the green envelopes will be equally distributed to each of these three projects.

Click HERE to check out some Advent information for Parents!

Boma, South Sudan -                                           Eucalyptus Trees

Harvest has been involved in Boma, South Sudan for many years. The people living in this village struggle to maintain the basic necessities of life. We are praising God that this war-torn area is experiencing a season of rest. SEA Partners is working on a number of projects to improve life in this village. We have the privilege to help with one of these projects during this Advent season.  We have chosen to help to provide their farm land with Eucalyptus trees. These trees are extremely valuable in Africa and can be used for construction; however, the trees are not readily available in South Sudan. It’s their goal to plant 30,000 trees this year. In three years time, these trees can be sold for $20-30 each. The proceeds from the sale of these trees will go toward bettering the quality of life for the South Sudanese people. With $5,000, they can plant just under 4,000 eucalyptus trees.

The Family Room -

                      Reunification Fund

The Family Room is a relatively new program in the Portland area. They work in unison with the Department of Human Services to serve families who have children in the foster care system. Their main goal is to provide a living room environment for birth parents to build a relationship with their child that is in foster care. A secondary goal is to lead birth parents to a place where the child can come out of the system and back home. Many families have done a tremendous amount of work to be reunified with their child. A reoccurring hindrance to a child coming home is that families may not have the resources to purchase some necessary items. It is the desire of The Family Room to help families overcome this last hurdle to be reunited with their child. Through our Advent giving we will help The Family Room start their Reunification Fund.  

Terre Blanche, Haiti - 

                         School Uniforms

To many this may seem like an interesting project to support; but to the kids living in Haiti, this may be the difference between attending school or not. Every school in Haiti has a uniform that students must wear. Specifically in Terre Blanche, we have established a relationship with a few students that did not attend school solely because their parents had to choose between purchasing food or a uniform for their children. Franky's family was able to allow him to attend school. He is a guy that many of our mission teams have gotten to know. The education that he’s received has provided many opportunities for him and his family. We’re partnering with Haiti Foundation of Hope this Advent season to ensure that many more will have a story like Franky.  

Community Life Groups

Community Life Groups here at Harvest play a vital role in living out the mission of the church: Learning Together to Live Like Jesus to Reach Our World.  It is within these small communities that we can build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to our lives.  

For more information, please contact the church

at 503-629-8300 or email.


Classes to equip the people of Harvest to live like Jesus by creating relational environments that teach Biblical truth for life.

Children's program is available for Birth - Grade 4