July 8, 2020 UPDATE

WHAT: Yesterday, Washington County officials indicated that we will not be moving into Phase 2 of Oregon’s re-opening plan on July 10th as had been hoped. We anticipate hearing more about the timeline for Phase 2 from County leaders soon, but for now it seems clear that the postponement will last a few weeks at least.


HOW THIS AFFECTS HARVEST: This changes the time frame of our re-opening plan, but not the content of that plan.

New Time frame – We had a prayer and fellowship evening scheduled for Sunday July 12, followed by our first in-person worship service on July 19th. Both of these events have been postponed, with no reschedule date as yet. We will communicate the new dates for both events ahead of time, once we have enough information to schedule them with a reasonable degree of confidence.


Same Plan – everything else we’ve communicated about our re-opening plan is still valid:

  • Groups of up to 25 people can still meet in person, practicing safe distancing, sanitizing, and face covering especially when indoors.
  • We still anticipate that our first in-person event will be a time of prayer, thankfulness, and fellowship, followed the next Sunday by our first in-person Worship Service. As mentioned above, dates for both events are TBD.
  • Also, staff continues diligently preparing our facility for in-person gatherings, including sanitizing, distancing, face coverings, and all the details needed to make our building a safe place to be. When the time is right, we’ll be ready to welcome you back.
  • Finally, we’re making a change to the format of our worship service video stream. Up to now we’ve been viewing a pre-recorded video, but starting Sunday July 19th we will switch to a livestream from the Worship Center. Nothing will change on your end: you will still log in to harvesthillsboro.online.church as before, but the service will look and feel live… because it will be!


COVID-19 and Harvest

Last Updated July 8, 2020

     What follows is the high-level framework of Harvest’s three-step re-opening plan, and many questions about the details aren’t spelled out here. We’ll fill those details in as soon as we can, based on the information at hand and we’ll communicate them before we take each step. But we now know enough to get the big picture out to everyone:

Step 1: Small Groups -Starting Now
     Washington County is currently cleared for in-person gatherings of up to 25 people, when done safely. Since relationships are vital to who we are as a church we’re encouraging Community Life Groups to begin meeting in person, making a video call option available for those who can’t or shouldn’t yet join the gathering.

Step 2: One-Time Sunday Evening Celebration - Target Date is TBD

    Our first in-person gathering will be an Evening of Celebration and Prayer  - 6:30pm  to 8pm - date TBD.

                  6:30pm - 7:15pm   Singing, testimonies, and prayer - Worship Center

                  7:15pm – 8:00pm  Outside Ice Cream Social -Hang out and catch up with people in the outside grass area

Step 3: Live Worship Service at Harvest -Target Date is TBD
     Once  Washington County enters Phase 2 of Governor Brown's opening plan, we will host our first live worship service in our building since March! We’ll follow public health guidelines on maximum group size, using both the Worship Center and the Multipurpose Room, as well as other spaces as needed. We’ll stream the service live from the Worship Center into any additional meeting spaces we use on campus, and also over the internet for those who are unable to attend.

Re-Opening Harvest