Goal of The Refuge:

  • God is our REFUGE...and God is our STRENGTH.  As a ministry we constantly celebrate the saving work of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  There is nothing more important in our lives than beginning a personal relationship with JESUS! 
  • It is the goal of The Refuge to walk with students as they begin the journey of owning their faith in Jesus.  
  • Below are the different parts of our ministry that lead our students into this journey!!

Weekly Gathering -The Refuge

We value being together.  We will always fight to be together, either digitally or in person, because relationships matter.  We are not created to be alone and we need one another!  Here is what "Being Together" looks like for the 2020-2021 school year:

When:  We will have The Refuge on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm.  

What will the experience be like:  Our students are starving to get together and have quality time with their friends.  We will provide an experience where half the time we are all together as one group and the second half we are in mixed-gender and mixed-grades Huddle Groups (small groups). 

  • All Together:  We will start The Refuge off all together in the Multi-Purpose Room.  We will have an opening video, games, Worship, and a short teaching.  
  • Huddle Groups:  All our Huddle Groups will be different this year.  We will be in them longer and experience something different.  They will be mixed-gendered and mixed-grades.  Every four weeks we will shuffle up our groups and students will be in different groups.  This will allow our students to have more quality time with their peers and not be locked into the same groups all year long.  These groups will experience intentional hang out, games, intentional conversation, and prayer.   

A lot of our life will be online and we want to fight to have a place where we can be in physical relationship together.  JOIN US

Ministry App

We desire to engage with our student more than just on Wednesday nights when they show up for The Refuge.  They are having more time at home due to COVID-19 school restrictions so we are wanting to engage with them at home.  The best way to do that is to put ourselves in the palm of their hands…on their phone.  You can learn how to download our app and about the basics in this video HERE.

  • Social Media

    Instagram YouTubeDiscord -   Facebook

    We will be leaning heavily on our social media platforms to stay engaged with each other this year.  See the section on our app to learn about all the platforms that we're using and why.  DISCORD is the newest.  Be sure to check it out.  

  • Weekly Reading

    We realize that reading the Bible is a challenge we all have.  Learning this discipline can really jumpstart a fresh relationship with God!  A new addition this year to our ministry is a challenge to our students to be engaging Jesus through his Word.  We are encouraging ALL our students to read their Bibles twice a week and answer a few basic questions.  

    In the Weekly Reading section, we will give two passages of scripture to read with a few questions to answer.  To answer these questions you can do it in your heart, start a journal, or participate in our discussion on Discord a community building app we're using and share your thoughts with everyone in our ministry. 

    There is a risk in sharing your thoughts on Discord but there is great reward as well.  There is not ONE RIGHT answer to the questions we ask.  We can grow and learn from each other as we post our thoughts online.  The Bible says, "as iron sharpens iron like when you sharpen a knife, so one person sharpens the other".  This is what a life with Jesus is all about.  

    Risk with us!