Group Interest Form

     Our state government is beginning to communicate their plan to lead us out of quarantine. We know this will be a slow process and many people will have many different levels of comfort with what will be allowed. When the time is right, it is our desire to both continue all the digital components we have established, as well as beginning to lead our church to be back in physical relationship with one another. We want to be prepared when this time comes. 

      As a first step, we envision small groups of people beginning to gather together and simply begin connecting relationally. Many of you may be in a Community Life Group, where this is a natural fit.

     For those of you NOT involved in a Community Life Group, we want to start organizing groups for you to be a part of when this time comes. Fill out the form to let us know:

  •          if you want to be placed in one of these groups and/or
  •          if you’re willing to host a small group of people once a week. 

     We need a number of new groups to make this possible for all who desire to be involved. The form has an option to sign up with a group of friends to be in the same group. Please look at and read the form carefully, as you fill it out. 

     We believe the church is strongest when we are in relationship with one another so we encourage you to consider being a part of one of these groups.


If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Young HERE.


Note: Groups will be no more than 15 people. We think this may not be a reality for a number of weeks but we want to be prepared when the time comes.

Click HERE for Form

Minister of Music - Job Opening

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